I blew it.

After a long absence from the writing medium, I’ve returned. Partially defeated. Quite frankly, I’ve lost my job. Terminated. My own fault. I haven’t really discussed what I did for work. In hopes of being able to state my case, and perhaps get said job back, I won’t be naming the company. I can say […]

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Uncomfortable. Mildly graphic

I’ve been relatively quiet the last few days. I have this fantastic medical issue that was graciously handed down to me through genetics. (Thanks mom and dad!) I haven’t been feeling well. I have an extreme form of chronic gastritis. Basically, my body creates WAY too much bile and it has subsequently eaten the entire […]

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Living in a place where recreational marijuana is legal is pretty nice. Granted, I’ve never had much trouble finding my need for tree, regardless of legality. I’ve done a fair amount of travel. The indulgent smokers such as myself, always seem to find eachother. When coming into a recreational state (which I live in) you […]

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Presence is the best present.

When I was a kid, birthday parties weren’t exactly expected, but it was something people did. I remember going to school, getting invitations, and hoping I’d be allowed to partake. Skating rinks, park bbq’s, Peter Piper Pizza (my days ChuckECheese) people got together and celebrated. The only birthday party I remember for myself was, I’m […]

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Not everyone knows about the benefits that come along with the hemp plant. A lot of everyday products can be infused with CBD and THC that aren’t meant to get you high. For example, a good friend of mine, who goes by Chef, makes a huge variety of CBD products that most people wouldn’t have […]

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I’ve been slacking the last couple days. Saturday was my one year with my loverboy, so I didn’t bother delving into my thoughts. I was preoccupied. I’m listening to a friends podcast that’s kept me tuned in the last few episodes. I’ve known one of these guys since probably 5th grade. Hearing their banter is […]

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I recently submitted a piece to a magazine that they unfortunately felt was too risky to run due to possible controversy. I’m gonna put what I wrote here, because it really meant something to me to write. Welcome to what I considered, my “Mid-life” crisis. It took me a long time to muster up the […]

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I need a minute..

Oldschool mentalities are a blessing and a burden. I have a father who believes he’s basically a deity. Whether he notices it or not, he goes out of his way to make sure I know just how many times I’ve fucked up my life, and how it’s so sad and disappointing. I’ve got a younger […]

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Thoughts over coffee.

The smell of coffee brewing in the morning is probably one of my top 5 smells. Something about it is comforting. I’m sitting here deciding which direction I want to write today. I recently submitted a piece to an online magazine regarding my “mid-life crisis.” Hopefully they’ll run it. If not I’ll definitely be running […]

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Piece of cake.

I’m baking today. I feel somewhat accomplished. I got my kids up, ready, fed, and out the door to school. Returned to clean, shower, and bake a cake all before noon. It’s my loverboy’s birthday, and since I’m unemployed (as you know) I can’t take him to a big fancy feast. I can however try […]

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